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Canada's major chartered banks announce major donation to help Toronto  


Canada's major chartered banks (BMO Financial Group, Scotiabank Group, CIBC, RBC Financial Group and TD Bank Financial Group), today announced a joint donation of $1 million towards a campaign to help promote Toronto's reputation as a great place to visit and do business.

The donation, which is being made on behalf of all the banks' employees and customers, will go towards a marketing campaign that is being established to restore the reputation and financial health of the city in the aftermath of SARS. The campaign will be part of a coordinated effort by municipal, provincial, federal government and business leaders to encourage investors and visitors from around the corner and around the globe to visit Toronto.

"We want to be part of a campaign that sends a strong and clear message to the world that it's safe to come to Toronto for business and pleasure," the bank executives said. "We hope our contribution, combined with others, will help fund a coordinated campaign that brings people and business back to Toronto."


For further information: Ian Blair, BMO Financial Group, (416) 867-3996; Beja Rodeck, RBC Financial Group, (416) 974-5506; Diane Flanagan, Scotiabank Group, (416) 866-6806; Bob Waite, CIBC, (416) 956-3330; Neil Parmenter, TD Bank Financial Group, (416) 308-0836.