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RRSP Interview Opportunity: Canadians Indifferent to Foreign Content

WHAT:             According to a Leger Marketing survey commissioned by BMO Mutual Funds, two in five Canadian investors are aware that the federal government dropped foreign content restrictions on registered portfolios in 2005.  Of this group, 71 per cent admit that they have no intention of investing more of their savings outside of Canada and 58 per cent claim to be entirely indifferent to the change. 

In addition, half of the respondents have never accessed professional investment advice and feel that their lives are too hectic to accomplish all of their daily responsibilities, including financial planning.

WHY:                Given these findings, is it any wonder that knowing where to invest outside of Canada is a challenge for investors?

WHO:               BMO Financial Group has national and local experts who can provide specialized financial and retirement planning advice that will help Canadian investors manage their time and money more effectively.

                        Top tips:

o        Selection: In a world where investment choices range in the thousands, getting the right mix of investments is tough. But selection is critical to a portfolio that offers the best potential return, relative to an individual's risk tolerance.

o        Free and easy: Building an effective investment plan with a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning, in your local bank branch is free and painless.

* For interested broadcast media, BMO can arrange specialized ‘Call-in' crews, where audience questions about RRSP planning will be answered by local financial experts in a live format. 

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