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Canada's Leading Mutual Fund Analyst Offers RRSP Tips for the Do-it-Yourself Investor

Ranga Chand has partnered with BMO InvestorLine to develop Heavy Hitter Model Portfolios - a combination of pre-selected mutual funds designed to match an investor's profile and make it easier for consumers to build a diversified investment portfolio.

This guided approach to investing has been extremely popular with online investors.  Since the launch of the first Model Portfolios in 2003, trading volume in the funds within the portfolios has increased by 155 per cent.  This success led to the launch of two additional types of Heavy Hitter Model Portfolios this past fall: Index and Tax Efficient Model Portfolios.

As one of Canada's leading mutual fund analysts, Chand offers do-it-yourself investors unbiased expert guidance to help them make sense of the more than 5,500 mutual funds available in Canada. Chand reviews all funds on the Heavy Hitter list on a monthly basis and narrows his choice down to 50 funds that have consistently outperformed their peers over the past five years based on a variety of measures.

Ranga Chand will be available throughout the RRSP season to discuss his Model Portfolios, as well as the following:

-      Do-it-yourself RRSPs

-      Tips for simple and smart investing

-      What's hot for mutual funds in 2006

BMO InvestorLine also has national and regional experts who can discuss a range of topics, including:

-      Why learning to use an online brokerage is as easy as using email.

-      Do-it-yourself investing: who's right for it, who's not.

-      DIY investing isn't about “going it alone” – a wide range of tools and information is available to guide and inform online investors.

-      Online investing for retirement – according to a study by BMO Financial Group and Ipsos Reid, 54 per cent of pre-retirees and 55 per cent of retirees use the phrase "being in control" when describing their ideal retirement. BMO InvestorLine experts can talk about how investors can stay in control and easily plan for their retirement online.

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