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Investing in Income Trusts - What You Need to Know


Income trusts are a hot topic right now and recent political attention has only made them hotter.  All the talk, combined with strong sales and investment returns, have made this investment vehicle a relevant consideration for Canadian retail investors.  As the RRSP deadline approaches, many Canadians are wondering whether income trusts may be appropriate for their portfolios.


Michele Robitaille, co-manager of GGOF Monthly High Income Fund, is available to address the following questions:

-          How does an income trust work?

-          What kind of investor are income trusts most suitable for?

-          How does an investor determine what kind of income trust is right for his or her portfolio?

-          How reliable are an income trust's distribution forecasts?

-          Are too many corporations converting into income trusts?

-          What is the outlook for income trusts under the new Conservative government?

-          Do the proposed changes to the tax treatment of dividends make income trusts less attractive?

-          What will be the impact on the income trust market and market participants with their inclusion in the S&P/TSX index?

-          When should an investor consider a mutual fund that invests primarily in income trusts rather than holding income trusts directly?


Michele Robitaille,  CFA, CBV, CA, BComm

Michele Robitaille is a Portfolio Manager at Guardian Capital LP. She began her investment career in 1993 and joined Guardian Capital in 2003. She is co-manager of GGOF Monthly High Income Fund and GGOF Monthly High Income Fund II, and co-manager of the income trust component of GGOF Monthly Dividend Fund, GGOF Canadian Diversified Monthly Income Fund and GGOF Resource Fund.

Guardian Group of Funds (GGOF), with $5.8 billion in assets under management at January 31, 2006, currently offers 29 mutual funds covering a full array of Canadian and global investment options.

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