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BMO Mosaik MasterCard Offers Tips for Fraud Prevention Month

BMO Mosaik MasterCard offers the following tips to consumers in advance of Fraud Prevention Month in March.  BMO Mosaik Vice-President Mike Kitchen says that by adopting a few simple habits you can help protect yourself against fraudulent activity.


  • Do remember to sign your new or renewed credit card immediately upon receipt to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Do keep a record of your card number in a secure place separate from your credit card so that you can provide your credit card company with this information if the card is lost or stolen.
  • Do keep your credit card purchase receipts which you can check against your statement to ensure reported transactions are valid and accurate.   
  • Do notify your credit card company immediately if you discover a transaction on your statement that you don't recognize. (Emergency phone numbers are shown on your credit card and monthly statement.)
  • Do immediately report a lost or stolen card to your credit card company to help prevent or limit the potential for unauthorized use.
  • Do remember to update your information with companies or merchants with which you have automatic-billings when your credit card number changes.


  • Don't send personal financial information including credit card data via unsecured e-mail. 
  • Don't automatically reply or click on a link if you receive an e-mail “warning” that your account will be shutdown unless you reconfirm your billing information.  Legitimate credit card companies never ask you to do this kind of transaction online. Instead, contact your credit card company directly using a telephone or web site address that you know to be genuine. 
  • Don't click on an e-mail link when doing business online.  Go to the company's web site and complete the information there.  Always look for the “lock” icon on the browser's status bar before submitting financial/ personal information through a web site to ensure your information is secure during transmission. 
  • Don't use your credit card to make purchases on a website that is not secure or that you don't recognize.  (Credible online vendors will always provide security information)
  • Don't provide your credit card number over the phone unless you initiated the call and are sure you are dealing with a recognized and reputable vendor. 
  • Don't keep transaction data any longer then you have to.  Dispose of old receipts and transaction records by shredding them.
  • Don't forget to fill in a credit card slip completely to prevent tampering.

About BMO Mosaik MasterCard

BMO Mosaik MasterCard allows customers to build their own customized cards by choosing and paying for only the rewards, features and interest rate plan they want. Customers can also re-build their cards by changing the features as their needs change without having to replace the card or apply for a new one.  

Unlike other credit cards that offer a limited selection of pre-bundled options, Mosaik MasterCard lets cardholders choose from a variety of individual features such as the AIR MILES Reward Program or a CashBack Reward Program, Travel Protection, Travel Medical, Concierge Service and either a No Fee or Low Interest Rate Plan. 

Mosaik MasterCard card is accepted at more than 24 million locations worldwide.

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