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GGOF Launches Innovative Global Balanced Fund that Provides Income, Growth and Inflation Protection

Guardian Group of Funds Ltd. (GGOF) has launched GGOF Global Diversified Fund, an innovative global balanced fund with three themes: income generation, portfolio growth and inflation protection.  The inclusion of inflation protection distinguishes this new fund from traditional balanced funds.  This is the latest fund from GGOF, which has created several other multi-asset class products, such as GGOF Canadian Diversified Monthly Income Fund, GGOF Resource Fund and GGOF Asian Growth and Income Fund.

GGOF Global Diversified Fund will focus on three equally weighted themes:

Ÿ         INCOME: One-third of the Fund will be focused on investments that generate income. This component, which will include Canadian and U.S. high yield bonds, global bonds and Canadian income trusts, will also serve to reduce portfolio volatility, an important consideration in achieving more consistent investment returns.

Ÿ         GROWTH: One-third of the Fund will be focused on growth through capital appreciation. Central to this strategy is an emphasis on high-quality companies that not only pay dividends, but have also demonstrated a long-term history of growing their dividend payments. This component will include Canadian dividend-paying equities and global equities.

Ÿ         INFLATION PROTECTION: One-third of the Fund will be focused on offering protection against inflation. This component will include global resource equities and Asian-Pacific equities. To reduce portfolio volatility, the portfolio advisors will include income-based resource products in the resource component and convertible bonds and dividend-paying equities in the Asian-Pacific component.

“GGOF strives to create products that reduce volatility in order to produce more consistent investment returns.  In addition to including components such as Asian-Pacific and resource equities that represent innovative ways to manage risk within traditionally volatile asset classes, GGOF Global Diversified Fund offers a new approach to managing an often neglected risk – the very real risk of losing purchasing power to inflation,” said Gavin Graham, Chief Investment Officer, Guardian Group of Funds.

“Inflation has not been a major concern for Canadian investors in recent years, but it can be a great destroyer of wealth.  While we don't foresee an upcoming surge in inflation, rising demand for raw materials in the developing nations, particularly India and China, suggests that investors would be na�ve to ignore this potential investment risk,” added Graham.

GGOF Global Diversified Fund will be overseen by GGOF's experienced Asset Allocation Committee, which oversees the asset mix for all of GGOF's multi-asset class funds.  The committee will receive input from Larry Jeddeloh, the respected founder of The Institutional Strategist.  Gavin Graham will oversee the Fund's five world-class portfolio advisors, who collectively manage over $140 billion in assets. They are: Guardian Capital LP (managing high yield bonds, income trusts); Lazard Asset Management (global bonds, global equities); Barrantagh Investment Management (resource equities); Jones Heward Investment Counsel (Canadian equities); and Matthews International Capital Management (Asian equities).

GGOF provides investors with a full product line of 31 mutual funds, diversified by asset class, geographic region and investment style. GGOF, with $5.8 billion of mutual fund assets under management at February 28, 2006, offers its funds exclusively through financial intermediaries.

GGOF is a member of BMO Financial Group and part of the organization'sPrivate Client Group. The Private Client Group provides integrated wealthmanagement services in Canada and the United States and had total assets undermanagement and administration and term investments of $271.1 billion as atJanuary 31, 2006.

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